Attending college is a big milestone and choosing the best institution for your student is a major family decision. A critical component of the application process is researching the best financial strategy for funding and paying for school.

Our services include:




  • Assistance in understanding how your financial plan will impact your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)


  • Assistance researching what the total cost of attendance will be at your student’s top choice schools


  • Personalized financial aid timeline




  • Assistance with information gathering


  • Assistance with completion of FASFA, CSS and other financial forms


  • Helping you communicate directly with the student financial aid offices at your student’s top choice schools




  • Analyzing award letters (including merit and need-based scholarships and loans)


  • Comparing your family’s final estimated out of pocket costs by school to help you in the final selection process


  • Final funding strategy including loan education and advice